Poppy (female)

Poppy 3.2019.jpg

Poppy has been with us a few months and we don’t understand why she is still here. She is a calm and sweet young lady. She also likes to play and seems to enjoy play time with adult and child volunteers alike.  Poppy  loves to be petted and will often flop on her side and roll over for belly rubs—which she allows and enjoys most of the time.   She is so easy going and seems unaffected by much that goes on around her condo at the front of the shelter. If you’d like a young cat that is past the crazy kitten stage, we highly recommend you spend a little while with our beautiful, Calico, Poppy.

Age: Young Adult 2 years

Approximate Weight:  ~10 lbs.

Adoption Fee: $50

We accept applications on site at the shelter and do take up to two applications per animal.

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