Thank you very much for choosing to adopt a pet from the Central Texas Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. While we wish to give every animal a good home, we do have certain guidelines which must be met. We are particular about where the animal will go and how they are taken care of. Most of these animals have already had a rather traumatic life – our goal is to help make the rest of their life much more enjoyable and to ensure they will be an integral part of a family.

Generally, we will only adopt in the Central Texas area. All potential adopters must come to the shelter to meet the animals and to give us the opportunity to meet you

1. Adoption Fee

  • ADULT CATS (6 months of age and older) = $50

  • KITTENS (under 6 months of age) = $50

  • ADULT DOGS (6 months of age and older) = $95

  • PUPPIES (under 6 months of age) = $150

These fees cover only a small portion of the cost of spaying or neutering, rabies shot, tests, and other necessary vaccinations.

2. Screening

All potential adopters will be required to fill out an application which will cover the following:

  1. Current and past pets. Some of our pets may not be compatible with your own and we would like to find this out before creating a problem for you.

  2. Animal’s living arrangement. Where will the animal be spending his or her time.

  3. Details concerning your residence. We have guidelines governing an animal’s compatibility with his or her living environment, wanting to ensure the environment is the appropriate one for both the family and the animal you are applying for.

  4. References. All applicants must submit 3 references. These must be non-family members. If you have pets currently in the home, you will provide 2 non-family references and 1 veterinary reference.

It will take a few days for our adoption counselors to review your application, contact references and complete the screening process, so animals do not go home the same day. We will take up to two applications per animal.

3. Adoption Denials

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept every application for adoption. We do want you to know that our adoption counselors are well trained and are required to be very detail-oriented concerning potential living arrangements for our animals. While some opinions may differ from ours, we must adhere to the guidelines that have been set.

Applications are not approved on a “first come, first served” basis, but are approved based on which application is the best match for the animal.

Our volunteers are always ready to give you the most helpful assistance. If, however, you feel that you were not treated in a professional manner, you may consult one of our senior volunteers on site. Any further complaints (or compliments) may be addressed to the Board of Directors in writing. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 98, Cedar Park, TX, 78630-0098. Your letter will be followed up immediately by one of our board members.

4. Return Policy

Animals adopted from the Central Texas SPCA shall not be abandoned, sold or given to any individual or organization that does not care for animals in a humane manner. Please contact the Central Texas SPCA before surrendering your pet to any organization that does not share the Central Texas SPCA No-Kill mission. In most instances, the Central Texas SPCA will assist you with the safe return of your pet to our care, as long as you have provided adequate medical care and kept up with vaccinations and preventatives while the pet was in your care.  If you are having behavioral, medical or other issues with the pet, please contact the Central Texas SPCA and specify the problem. We are willing to assist you and may be able to provide guidance or additional resources that will negate the need for return.

If you are unable to keep or provide humane care for the adopted pet, the animal may be returned to the Central Texas SPCA within one (1) year from the date of adoption upon the adopter providing reasonable advance notice to the Central Texas SPCA, kept up-to-date with all vaccinations, and the animal is in the same health condition it was when adopted. Any and all returns are dependent upon Central Texas SPCA having adequate space to accept an adopted pet return. If requested by the adopter, the adoption fee for a returned pet within two (2) weeks from the adoption date may be refunded. If we are unable to accept an animal due to lack of space you will be referred to one of our local, no-kill shelter partners that are public intake facilities in your county of residence. Many times we do not have the capacity to accept returns due to our limited space.

Thank you again for considering the Central Texas SPCA for your new pet.